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If you’re looking for a loving pet with lots of energy
and a “fun spirit” and just plain fun to own, you should look into the Lemur.


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“Almost” See, Hear and Speak No Evil!

The Lemur babies we have are usually spring or summer born. Some of our females give birth to twins.

We provide the lemur babies with Enfamil Infant formula, which we give to them after we pull them when they are about 4 weeks old. Since we pull them from their mothers at a really tender age,we shower our little pets with a lot of love and extra attention. They are very social creatures! We discovered that if you love on them a lot, they get attached really easily and have no problem becoming a member of the family. Their energy and activeness grows with age and they love freedom to play around, but they never forget you and always return to you for love and treats, of course. If you ever seea lemur for sale, and think about getting it, you should remember that they need to be loved.

Our first ever lemur babies were male twins and we neutered them and kept them with us. We provided them with a cabana outside which had access into a window to our garden room so that they could come in and rest in the hammock. Among their favorite activities is coming in the kitchen every day and getting treats. Lemurs are very fun to be with.

The breeder lemurs we have live outdoors in large, roomy cabanas that have tree branches, tree houses,and swings so that they do not get a chance to be bored with so much to do. Self-feeders are also available in these cabanas that hold fiber sticks and biscuits for them to eat anytime they want. To give them some time and love, we also feed various fruits and for special treats they get marshmallows. This way we get to feed them with our own hands. We also use these treats as distractions when we need to pull their babies. But, to pull the babies, extra care needs to be taken because the female breeders are very protective of their babies.

Every cabana of our lemurs for sale has a box inside it with a pet door so that they can run there if the weather is too cold. The box provides a nice warm for them and has three inches of sand placed in it for the lemurs comfort and safety since the sand keeps the lemurs from blistering themselves. Remember this little fact if you ever get a lemur for sale as a pet from us.

We powder our lemurs and utilize diatomaceous soil in their cabanas in the summer so that fleas from the cats and other animals running around do not attack out little lemur friends.

Diet: Fruits, Mazurri High Fiber Sticks and Primate Biscuits.Technically, I have never lived with a lemur and I usually put my lemurs for sale as they are weaned and gentle down. That is when they are old enough to bond with their new owner. But even spending this little bit of time with them, I become so attached to them and when I sell them it feels like they are my own children going off to live somewhere else. So I try to keep in contact with their new owners. Oliver,as named by the new owners, is a lemur I sold and lives with a family with two little girls. Below you can find some of their tales with Oliver, which are fun to read and are informative too which can help you if you are thinking of getting a pet lemur.

Living with My Lemur – by Courtney Pineda


New Book Just Released: Recommended Reading for those who have or are wanting to purchase a lemur.


I LOVE the book Rocky! It’s short, to the point, great humor, and very informative. It made me laugh and remember when my critters were little. I also learned a few ways to improve the health and care of my animals here at home from your book. You can talk and take notes but it so much easier to understand when you read it all together and in order. I know this book will help other people starting out in the industry to make wise and informative decisions.


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Raising Your Pet Coatimundi 





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