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The Red Kangaroo

If you’re looking for a unique pet that will “turn heads” you’ll definitely want to consider the Roo.

As per our experiences with kangaroos, we at Castleberry Safari Ltd. say that kangaroos and red kangaroos are tame, calm, and lovable pets, and that is why we suggest that if you see any kangaroos for sale or any red kangaroos for sale and are hesitating, by all means, go for it! Our first ever kangaroo was named Miss Roo and when we got her she was only about six months old so we kept her inside the house until she was about a year old. Then we turned her loose on the world! At first, we let her in the backyard so she could be around other animals. Outside suited Miss Roo quite well and she had no problem getting aloing with the other animals. At night, Miss Roo loved to stayed in the cabana with the young Coatimundis and cats.

When she got a bit older and became more comfortable in the outside world, our sweet Miss Roo still liked visiting her old stomping grounds inside the house. Whenever she visited, she still remembered all her former favorite places such as the bed or the fireplace area. Our kangaroos easily go out to the fields and back to the backyard as they please and they especially like coming in the backyard in the mornings for treats like apple slices, marshmallows, and bread – do not forget their treats if you are ever getting one of our kangaroos for sale! When we provide our kangaroos with substitute milk and treats,they accept them graciously and stay affectionate too. Since they are lovable, they don’t have a problem when we look into their pouches or pet their babies while they are still inside their pouches.

We place Roo babies in a new pouch (cloth purse) where they like to take their naps till they get older.Whenever we take the babies from the pouches, our vet thoroughly inspects them to make sure they are healthy and the males are neutered so that they can be good little pets. If we do not neuter them,they can become aggressive as they grow older. This fact should be kept in mind anyone is looking for any kangaroo for sale.


For us, it is best to pull the baby in the evening so that by the time morning arrives, the baby gets hungry and subsequently easier to get to take the bottle. It takes us multiple tries to get the initial few bottle feedings done but soon enough the babies adjust to it. We also keep Mazuri Kangaroo Wallaby Diet by Purina at hand for the babies along with milk. The babies are not troublesome in any way; they adjust nicely and have no problem settling to our schedule. When I go to my office, they come with me and find it very easy to settle into their “second” home.

When we think the babies are okay to leave the pouches, we provide beds for them to sleep in with us at night and in the day they are free to rest or nap on the garden room couches. The kangaroos especially like roaming around the office, hanging around with their Coatimundi, Genet, and Lemur friends. If you want a pet that is unique and lovable, the kangaroo is the best option. A pet kangaroo will definitely get attention in a crowd!




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