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Here’s a “Bundle of Joy!”

Coatimundis are little lovable creatures that will eat up all the love you give them and still want more,which is why they make amazing pets so wait too long and miss the chance to get one when we have coatimundis for sale! Coatimundi babies are usually born at the beginning of spring or the end of summer. When they get to about 3 weeks old, they are old enough to be pulled from their mothers and we then feed them with bottles.

If we need a male breeder, we leave the male baby with the mother until he ages to about six months old before weaning him. This is because male breeders should not be bottle fed since they can become aggressive as they get older. To keep as pets, the males must be neutered so that they do not become aggressive, so if you ever see any male coatimundis for sale, they will be neutered. Female coatimundis for sale might be neutered though as they do not require it.

Before getting a buying a coatimundi, you should know that coatis get attached to you after you bottle feed them and they always want to be with you wherever you go. They can start consuming solid food by the time they are three months old. You can wean them from the bottle when they get to six months of age. One cute fact about coatimundis is that they no matter how long you bottle feed them, they will willingly take it. (The big babies!) When our baby coatimundis turned two months old, we start putting food and water in their cages along with treats like muffins, fruit, fig bars, and of course marshmallows, which are their favorites apparently, but they do need to be offered sparingly.

Esbilac Puppy Replacer Milk is our choice product for our baby coatimundis. We put one cup milk in two cups of water and add a little bit of honey to make it tastier for them. Initially, we begin with four feedings every day which is about ½ to 1 oz. per feeding but as they grow comfortable with the bottle feeding, we increase the amount to 2 to 3 oz. per feeding. We advise not to let them overeat because at the age of 6-8 weeks they can have loose stools. If this happens, you can try adding 1 Lactaid tablet to
a cup of milk when making their milk formula – it is better to mix the tablet 24 hours before feeding. If you get a coatimundi, you should remember these products as they work best.

Ma & Pa Kettle

For the little coatimundis, we use Purina Puppy Chow until they become at least a year old, which is when we start using Purina Chow for Adult Dogs. All the Coatis we have kept have been kept inside the house in a spacious cage which has blankets and hammocks for them. We leave the door open for them when they grow more energetic so that they can go out and play as they please. They usually go out to play a little while after feeding. Immediately after feeding though, we leave them in the cage for a nap or to do their business. As far as their training goes, they learn easily enough and try to do their business in the corner of the cage but of course, they are animals so you can expect them to make mistakes. So if you are thinking of getting a Coatimundi, remember this fact.

Here are some basic facts you should know coatis. Coatimundis are energetic and curious little things.They love being up and about unless they are sleeping. In fact, having Coatis for pets is equivalent to having a 2 year old kid and just like when you have toddlers, you need to make your home “Coati-friendly” for these pets too. They love it if you provide them with toys and other things to keep them from being bored or else they can attack your things in their boredom such as computers and furniture.
They are friendly for the most part, always getting along with other pets. There is on word of caution here. Don’t be so quick to leave them with smaller animals – coatis have a tendency to believe they are food!

The female breeding coatis that I own have their own cabana as home and everyone but my first coatimundi, Skeeter, live in the outdoors. Skeeter has a special entrance in the house and she always comes inside at night to be loved on, get some treats from me and of course some cozy sleep.

The coatis outside are comfortable too, as they are given a closed heated box when it gets cold. You should remember before getting a coati that they should be kept at a temperature more than 40 degrees. We use pig warmer pads in their boxes as well as sand to keep them comfortable as the warmers help keep the temperature in check.

When you purchase your coatimundi, all the kids in the house will simply adore them as they are playful and friendly creatures. Even though they do not harm kids, you still need to be careful. Even when they are playing, without realizing it, they can get a little rough especially when they want a toy to play with.They sometimes bite while playing but do not react with hitting them, just try to distract them with something or you can try shutting off their nose or mouth for some time which helps settle them. In fact, you should do this so that you discourage future potential attempts to bite which is good because as they grow, so do their teeth. People sometimes advise that you should get their adult canine teeth removed. But I suggest that you wait to see how your coati behaves.

This Could Be Your Coatimundi! A Handful of Coatimundis

New Book Just Released: Recommended Reading forthose who have or are wanting to purchase a Coatimundi.

I couldn’t put the book down.  I found the book incredibly informative and very entertaining. I often found myself laughing out loud from some of the trials and tribulations Rocky Castleberry experienced raising his Coatimundis. This is an excellent book that isn’t just for someone looking to adopt one of these wonderful little babies, it is also a great resource for Coatimundi parents of any experience level. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to adopt a Coatimundi.


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